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Leica Elmarit 28

Leica 28mm Elmarit-R lens - 3-cam


Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8 lens with hood, and case, very good condition


leica elmarit-m 28 mm f/2.8 asph lens


Leica ELMARIT-M 28mm f/2.8 Aspherical MF Lens - Excellent Condition 


LEICA 28mm f/2.8  ELMARIT-M Lens Version III


Leica 28mm f2.8 Elmarit-M V3 lens w/ hood and Tiffen 1A filter


Leica ELMARIT-M 28mm f/2.8 Version 4 EXC+




Boxed Leica Elmarit-M 90mm F/2.8 Black Lens


Leica 28mm f2.8 Elmarit-M, 6-bit 3041496


Leica 28mm F/2.8 Elmarit-M Aspherical 6 Bit M Mount Lens 11606 {39}


Leica 28mm F/2.8 Elmarit-M (Hood Pins) M Mount Lens {49}


Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8 ASPH with caps, uv filter, and hood - Mint!


Leica 28mm f2.8 Elmarit-M IV, Boxed.


Leica Leitz 28mm F2.8 Elmarit-M E46 Rangefinder Manual Focus Lens 11809


[Excellent] Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f/2.8 ASPH. (Black) 11606


Leica Elmarit-R 28mm f/2.8 MF 3 Cam Lens VI Boxed S/N: 3038752




Leica ELMARIT-R ROM 28mm f/2.8 Lens Duclos Cine Mod!


MINT LEICA ELMARIT 1:2.8/28mm V2 ROM 11333 Boxed 28/2.8 VII


Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f/2.8 III Version 3 Lens


Leica ELMARIT-R Elmarit R 28mm f/2.8 MF 3 Cam Lens #3086214


Brand NEW Leica Elmarit-M 28mm F/2.8 ASPH II (11677) for M 240 / M-P / MM


Leica ELMARIT-M 28mm f/2.8 ASPH 6bit Code "Excellent++" #2061


Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8 Ver.2 70th anniversary 1913-1983 free US shipping


Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f/2.8 ASPH Lens black # 11677 M10 M240P M9P M9 M8


Leica M 28mm f:2.8 Elmarit lens with caps, first version 9 element lens MINTY


Leica Elmarit-R Elmarit R 28mm f/2.8 Lens For Canon


Leica 28/2,8 Elmarit-R 3-CAM Cat # 11259 Version II W/Box,case,caps,filter M-


Leica Leitz Canada 28mm f2.8 Elmarit M Rangefinder Lens


Leica Elmarit-M 28mm/F2.8 E46 Ver.IV Lens Yr.1994 Germany #084


Leica M 28mm 1:2,8 Elmarit-M ** New **


Leica 28mm f/2.8 Elmarit M type III lens 11804 EXC++


Leica Vario-Elmarit-R 28-90mm/F2.8-4.5 E67 ASPH Lens Yr.2003 Germany 529


Leica Vario-Elmarit-R 28-90mm/F2.8-4.5 E67 ASPH Lens Yr.2003 Germany 811


for M240 SL 28/2.8 28mm f/2.8 Ver.II E55 3 Leica Elmarit-R cam Yr.1993 Germany


Leica Elmarit-R 28mm F2.8 E55 Rom Lens *Near Mint* N4419


Vintage Leica ELMARIT-R 28mm f/2.8 2-cam SLR lens w/ box


Leica Leitz Elmarit-M 28mm f/2.8 f2.8 M Mount Lens for Rangefinder


Leica Leitz Elmarit-M 28mm F/2.8 Lens In Black #16633E2


Leica Elmarit-M 28mm F2.8 ASPH II - Black / 11677, full packing (6-bit, ~99%new)


Leica Elmarit-M 28mm F2.8 E49 Canada Lens. Hood For Leica M Mount


[EXCELLENT+++] LEICA Elmarit-R 35mm F/2.8 Lens from Japan